Thursday, February 09, 2012


iLike - once the thundering coming big beast of online music - closed down on Tuesday. No, hardly anyone else noticed, either.

Why did it die?

Hypebot has this:

"It’s sad to see a social music site that once boasted 60 million users (more than Spotify, or Pinterest), reduced to nothing," Partovi told Geek Wire. Rupert Murdoch squandered a lot of tech assets under his management, the fall of iLike is just scratching the surface. Given how much money Rupert makes off spreading the evil cancer of Fox 'News,' I think he deserves the bad rap he gets for this mismanagement."

"But much of iLike’s demise is also due to radical changes in the Facebook platform. If you look at the top Facebook apps of 2007 – iLike, Flixster, Slide, RockYou, SGN, Zynga, only one of them evolved enough to survive these changes, the rest died like guinea pigs."
Given the bad time Murdoch is having right now, the buggering up on iLike constitutes merely the seventeenth most humble day of his life.

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