Sunday, February 26, 2012

This week just gone

The most-read stories during February have been:

1. Noel Gallagher shares his love of Thatcher
2. Is MySpace coming back
3. Brits 2012: The liveblog
4. Whitney Houston: some parting thoughts
5. Kylie stretches her knicker range
6. RIP: Christopher Reimer
7. Tatu puzzled that the world thinks they're gay
8. What do you do if Bono tells you no?
9. AC/DC remain off iTunes for some sort of reason
10. Sony ratchet up cover price of Whitney Houston album

These were this week's interesting releases:

Tindersticks - The Something Rain

Download The Something Rain

Nanci Griffith - Intersection

Download Intersection

Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror

Download Riot Rhythm

Lambchop - Mr M

Download Mr M

Julie London - Whatever Julie Wants

Download Whatever Julie Wants