Saturday, February 11, 2012

Very rich man says 'something must be done'

If I'm reading this story from CNN correctly, it looks like 50 Cent is using the starving of Kenya and Somalia to boost his businesses:

Jackson has pledged to provide one billion meals for the hungry, and is donating a meal from every sale of a new energy drink, Street King, according to the World Food Programme.
Using people in need of food to flog cans of pointless "energy drink"? Perhaps it's an art statement.

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green world said...

The thing that jumps out at me is the number of meals he is promising. One billion? Lets say there's a good 10 million people in these countries that would receive the free meals (i.e. not the whole population, but a decent chunk of it). Ok, so that comes out to about 100 meals per person. And how pray tell are these meals going to be delivered, considering that Somalia is about the most dangerous country in the world??

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