Saturday, March 03, 2012

Memo to Liverpool: Don't build events round The Las

Every so often, there's an international jolly where a couple of Liverpool bands and a few "figures" from "the scene" cross over to New York to checks business plan boost cultural connections between the two cities.

There's one coming up, which has run into a snag: it had a gig by The Las at the heart of things, but now The Las have pulled out.

I'm not sure that placing Lee Mavers as the cornerstone of your plans is ever a good idea, is it?

They are putting on a brave face:

Today, a Sound City spokesman said: “We can confirm that The La’s will now not be performing.

“New York Sound City goes on though with Dutch Uncles and Paula and Karol performing and with a fantastic convention programme taking place at The Hudson Hotel."
I love Dutch Uncles, but I'm not sure they're quite the same draw. And, erm, aren't they from Stockport?

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