Friday, March 23, 2012

Radiohead: Can't keep touts out

Radiohead were pretty clear: they didn't want electrotouts ViaGoGo selling their tickets on at a profit. Indeed, they even did a deal with Ticket Trust to make mark-uped selling-on pointless.

It hasn't stopped ViaGoGo from grabbing tickets and whacking them on sale at a massive mark-up - you'd need about £1,600 to be able to purchase from them.

It's odd, ViaGoGo don't seem to understand why they're seen as fundamentally more evil than old-style touts who stood in the rain and would cut you a deal. They really don't understand.

[Thanks to @Pedro_Dee]


Peter D said...

Also the most mind boggling thing is the £180 booking fee, and that you have to buy at least 2. It really does amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Selling on tickets at above face value should be made illegal. People are making money out of the work of others - out of the work of promoters, venues and the musicians. They are parasites.

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