Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gordon in the morning: I'm sorry, we don't take faces

I'm not sure Gordon's story about Tulisa in a shop makes any sense.

Tulisa is, supposedly, buying some wine. But - because she looks so young - she is challenged for proof of age.

She said: “I didn’t have my ID so he wouldn’t give it to me.

"There were all these mags with me on the front cover so I pulled out one, slapped it on the desk and said ‘Look, there’s my ID.

"Can I have the wine?’ He gave it to me.”
There's a problem here, though. You're not asked for ID to prove who you are, it's to prove how old you are. And even if Tulisa happened to find a magazine which happened to quote her age, I'm pretty certain a gossip column in Closer doesn't have the same legal status as an official proof of age issued by the Home Office. Or The Economist.

Still, there is something refreshing in this story, as it's not often you'll hear a person off the television telling a story which revolves around people not knowing who they are. Tulisa, and - in yesterday's Countdown - Margaret Mountford, and that's about it.

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