Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gordon in the morning: A man who uses the word 'ogle'

Ogle, ogle, ogle. Oy, oy, oy. This morning, Gordon runs a photo of Gerard Butler at a basketball match:

GERARD Butler made no attempt to hide his admiration for the LA Lakers cheerleaders.
In the photo, Butler is smiling, and looking forward; in the foreground there's a cheerleader. For comparison, there's a similar photo of David Beckham not looking in the direction of a cheerleader.

The fact that both these are snaps and, for all we know, Butler might have been looking past the cheerleader to someone selling snowcones and smiling at those, while Beckham could have just had a quick glance upwards to try and cope with his excitement.

Butler doesn't even seem to be looking at a cheerleader. It's a single moment in time being spun.
But bachelor Gerard, who sat courtside at the Staples Center in LA on Sunday, won’t get in any trouble at home for having a good old ogle.
Ogle. Yes, really. Ogle.

Given the Sun is, basically, some writing wrapped around soft porn, isn't having a go at a man for - possibly - looking at a cheerleader a bit of a stretch anyway?