Monday, April 16, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Oh, don't take those sleeping pills

Noel Gallagher had some bother at Coachella on account of his stash:

“They [Coachella security] pulled out my sleeping tablets and asked me to explain them.

“There were about 30 little yellow and white tablets.

“I said, ‘In all seriousness Chuck, or whatever your name is, do you not think these would at least be down my sock? They are sleeping tablets.

“ ‘What do you want me to do? Take one before I go on stage to prove what they are?’ ”
Smart - who is in Coachella for some reason (presumably The Sun's US editor Pete Samson wasn't judged to be the right man for the 'job'?) - shares Gallagher's apparent outrage at this, the story calling the security guards "High Flying Bird Brains".

But hang on a moment - if they were over the counter sleeping pills, they'd be in a packet; if they're prescription, they'd be in a proper bottle, and presumably Gallagher would be carrying the prescription to help him answer questions at security lines. So either Gallagher has embellished his tale, or else has taken the decision to carry his pills in a plain packet for some reason - maybe to generate this sort of story?

And should security guards be disinterested in someone carrying a large number of sleeping pills anyway? Some people use them to turn off the effects of other, less-wholesome pills. Others use some types as part of their date rape kit. Obviously, Gallagher wasn't going to use his sleeping pills like that, but that means his outrage boils down to 'do you know who I am'?

Still, you've got to love the offer of popping a sleeping pill before the High Functioning Birds takes the stage - he slept-walk through the last ten years of Oasis, so presumably wouldn't be too much of a challenge for Noel.

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