Sunday, April 08, 2012

The illustrated Friends: Mr Spock

William Shatner's records are more-or-less a cultural commonplace now - partly due to the way Shatner has reverse-engineered a knowing wink on to what was, originally, a deadly serious endeavour. Leonard Nimoy's musical adventures, though, are perhaps a little less well known (although nothing like as obscure as David 'The Man from UNCLE' McCullum's albums. There's a thing for another time, though.)

Originally, Nimoy stayed roughly in character, with the first album tortuously titled Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space. The second album was a bit different though; one side was Spocky, Trekky stuff, and the other a Yarwoodesque 'and this is me' collection of covers. Hence Two Sides Of Leonard Nimmoy.

First, then, let's have him with the ears on - these are Spock Thoughts, although the lyric is actually Max Ehrmann's Desiderata. I guess by the time Spock is born, it'd have been out of copyright:

Now, though, let's get you out of that clingy spacesuit and discover the real you, shall we, Len? The real you, that is, if you'd been a murderous Korean War vet:

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