Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nobody in Cleveland much cares for Axl Rose

Last night, Guns N Roses were officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Some of the band turned up, but Axl didn't.

How did that go down?

Boos rang out from some of the 6,000 in attendance early in the evening when Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day, asked the crowd "who was missing" as members of Guns N' Roses were up on stage accepting their award.
I imagine if there'd been a moment when Axl had been wondering if he'd done the right thing when he stayed away, those doubts would have vanished faster than GNR's dignity when they had they guy with chicken bucket on his head.

If I've understood the scenario correctly, the people at the Hall Of Fame have decided that Rose created one of the seminal rock acts in music history, and wanted to show their appreciation of that work by, erm, booing him for not schlepping over to Ohio on a cold Saturday in April for them to tell him how great he is.

Surely not going to the Hall Of Fame bunfight is exactly the sort of anti-establishment bullshit the Hall Of Fame is supposed to be celebrating?

[UPDATE: Fellow inductees Rod Stewart and Adam Yauch also had better things to do. Oddly, their non-appearance wasn't turned into a circus.]

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