Monday, April 09, 2012

Pete Doherty: The Mail catches up with some reading

Today's Daily Mail has a piece about Pete Doherty sort-of talking about that party where Mark Blanco died:

Troubled rocker Pete Doherty is ashamed of the way he abandoned a dying man at a party, admitting CCTV footage of him fleeing the scene of Mark Blanco's death makes him 'sick to the stomach'.
What's a bit strange is that this is lifted from the NME. The one that came out last Wednesday.

Perhaps they just read very slowly at the Mail. Or maybe they've been so dazzled by Samantha Brick they've only just got round to reading it.

Maybe that's why they only pick up half the story from the NME, too - they lift the bit where Doherty says he feels sick when he sees footage of himself stepping over the body, but not the bit where he insists the Met Police have video of Blanco falling - unaided - to his death. Which surely, if only in the interests of balance, would have been worth mentioning? (Even if you're convinced Doherty was involved in the death, surely his claim that the police have such footage is significant?)

The Mail also seems uninterested in Doherty's words to the NME where he appears to suddenly correct himself:
[Blanco] was out of his mind. So we got him out of the flat, or rather Paul bundled him out of the flat.
To be fair, the NME's Jamie Fullerton also seemed to be unbothered by this; and the paper gives Doherty an incredibly easy ride considering his explanation for stepping over a dead man was he didn't want to get caught with his pockets full of drugs while on bail. But then there's a two-part fawnathon interview to protect, a cover story; why bother challenging Doherty on this?

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