Thursday, April 05, 2012

Plan B gives the kids a chance

I think everyone was pretty impressed with Plan B's Ted x Observer speech, where he called for us all to do more for disadvantaged kids.

Now, he's turning his words into actions, giving a leg-up to a kid who had a rough start:

Made In Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop has revealed rap star Plan B is helping her pursue a music career.[...]
Caggie told The Sun: "I sent Plan B some of my stuff ages ago and it's really progressed since then.
"He called and talked me through everything. He's sort of a mentor for me."
To be fair to Plan B, we've only got Dunlop's word for it. But thank god someone is working to get these kids out of the ghetto that is E4 reality television and into proper jobs.

[Thanks to Michael M]

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