Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saxobit: Andrew Love

Andrew Love, fifty per cent of the Memphis Horns, has died.

Born in Memphis in 1941, like many of his generation and background, Love's induction into live performance came in church. He left to study in Oklahoma, but returned to Tennessee upon graduation and took a session job with Stax records.

It was here he met Wayne Jackson - the other fifty per cent of the Memphis Horns - and together they would provide a Southern brass kick to almost countless recordings. You can hear their work here:

Al Bell of Stax was generous remembering the Memphis Horns on Friday:

"Stax Records would not have become what it became without them. I love saxophone players, and I have many saxophone players I admire and hold in high esteem. But I have never heard a saxophone player who affects and penetrates me like Andrew Love. It was the spirit in him, and you could feel it in the music. He could arouse your deepest emotions, but he would do it gently, softly. It was like he was making love to your soul."

Earlier this year, The Memphis Horns were given a lifetime achievement award at the Grammys - only the second time backing musicians have actually been treated by proper human beings by the academy.

Love had been living with Alzheimers for over a decade; his death was believed to be linked to this condition. He was 70.

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