Thursday, May 03, 2012

Beyonce: Crazy in print

Here's a headline to make you swell with pride:

Beyonce Wins Journalism Award
I guess it's balancing things out after Peter Oborne won Best Album at this year's Brits.

Still, let's not be too quick to assume this is a tiresome prize designed to attract attention to the gifting organisation even while undermining the people they're actually supposed to represent. What was this sequel to Watergate for which Beyonce has won?
The Crazy In Love hitmaker took a nine-month extended vacation in 2010 to spend time with her family, visit museums, attend concerts and learn how to cook.

She documented her experiences for Essence magazine in a 2011 article titled "Eat, Play, Love" - a play on the title of the book Eat, Pray, Love, which became a movie starring Julia Roberts.

The piece impressed officials at the New York Association of Black Journalists, who have now honoured the star with a writing prize for her efforts.
Yes, the New York Association Of Black Journalists has given Beyonce a prize for a superannuated "what I did on my holidays".

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Mrs White said...

Absolutely ridiculous!
Just another way to give someone a prize who really can afford to go without. lol
Gee I wonder...did Bob Marley ever win any of these similar awards for his writing. Writing which spoke about some serious stuff. Hmmm..probably not.
Oh well. This is the society we live in. Not everything makes sense to everyone.

Mrs White

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