Sunday, May 20, 2012

Drumobit: Peter Jones

Crowded House have announced the death of their drummer, Peter Jones:

We are in mourning today for the death of Peter Jones. We remember him as a warm hearted, funny and talented man, who was a valuable member of Crowded House. He played with style and spirit. We salute him and send our love and best thoughts to his family and friends.
Liverpool-born Jones joined Crowded House in 1994 after original drummer Paul Hester quit mid-tour. Peter stayed with the band until the end in 1996, although Hester returned for some of the final gigs. Jones wasn't part of the reunion version of Crowded House.

Jones played with various other Australian acts, and worked on the side as a teacher.

Peter Jones was 45; he had been ill with brain cancer for some time.

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