Saturday, May 26, 2012

Embed and breakfast man: Tina Barrett

How long is it since S Club 7 split?

A rhetorical question, it's nine years since the band rolled up, with Tina Barrett expressing a wish that she'd like to continue with music. (Or, given that she'd been in S Club, perhaps start with music.)

Now, just nine short years later, Tina's released her first solo single:

You might wonder if the moment has passed a little, although given the amount of post-production slopped over the her vocals, you could perhaps ask if it counts as a song by her at all.

It's not Tina's first musical adventure since S Club, of course. Who could forget her 2004 work as one of the Girls Of FHM on the ill-advised Rod Stewart cover? Admittedly, they didn't give her lead vocals but she did get nearly as much time in the video as Maria off Corrie and some women who had won some sort of demeaning competition.

Perhaps she should see if Maria off Corrie wants to join in for the (admittedly unlikely) follow-up single?

[via Clickmusic]

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