Sunday, May 06, 2012

Marilyn Manson only wanted to confuse you

Marilyn Manson has told the NME that he never wanted to be shocking.

Which is good news all round, as he never was.

But it might have looked to the casual observer as if he was trying to outrage the world with nipples on view and rubber clothes and eyeliner, just a good twenty years after that sort of thing had finally relinquished any power to surprise all but the staunchest Republican Presidential Candidate.

So, if he wasn't trying to shock, what was all that tiresome jumping up and down for?

"I've never tried to be shocking. The only thing you can do is confuse people, because it makes them think. And the art of confusion and chaos is the way to make people think, the way to create a catalyst of change."
I think the only confusion ever generated around Manson was that time everyone thought he was the kid off the Wonder Years - and that wasn't even of his doing.

It's a beautiful thing when you watch someone who just marched a bunch of clones up to the top of the hill, and marched them down again, explaining earnestly that in his mind he was shaking up society:
I had to remind myself that I've never wanted good reviews. I just want people to fear – and through that fear may come respect.
Fear? Who did Manson think he was scaring? Even the Mystery Machine would have rolled on by with a shrug.

I'm picturing Manson, stood by the KEEP OUT sign on the closed fairground, desperately yelling "surely Shaggy? Shaggy must be quaking? A little? Please?"

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