Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mark Ronson insists Village Voice misquoted him

Earlier this week, Village Voice had an interview with Mark Ronson. Obviously, they were more interested in Amy Winehouse than Ronson, and got this out of him:

"She was in a bad state, God knows why. I think that the Adele thing had Amy freaked out. She liked her, but Adele's success was making Amy feel upset, competitive, restless. Anyway, we lost touch briefly. And before she and I could really start the process of beginning a new album, it was too late."
Only, Ronson says, they never got that out of him, and simply made it up:
"Some journalist quoted me as saying Amy was "freaked out" by Adele's success," he added in his Facebook post. "I read the interview for the first time just now, and there are so many wrong quotes in there. I can tell the dude was writing whatever he wanted because he uses words and language that i never EVER f--king use in my daily life."

"At one point, he was grilling me about Amy to the point that I said that Amy was itching to get back in the studio, and the recent success of others that she had blazed a trail for had put the fire in her belly," recalled Ronson. "But that is absolutely it and all these other words are a complete affront to me, her, Adele and anyone who reads this sh-te."
To be fair to Ronson, comparing his genuine quote to the Village Voice one, the VV extract seems a little too coherent to be genuine.

It might hurt Ronson more to know that E!, from whom we picked up the quotes, seemed to think it interesting mostly because Ronson is related to Sam Ronson.

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