Friday, May 18, 2012

Morrissey invites fans to support him at the High Court

A date has been set for the Morrissey versus NME & Conor McNicholas court case, where Steven will claim that the NME altered quotes from him to make him look a little bit racist.

His website invites people to drop by:

In light of the NME's refusal to apologize to Morrissey for fabricating parts of their 2007 interview with him in order to make Morrissey appear to be racist, the High Court hearing of Morrissey -vs- Conor McNicholas and IPC/NME now has a set date of July 16, 17, 18 and 19. Anyone wishing to offer support to Morrissey should make their presence known outside the High Court in London on these dates.
What? Does he think he's Michael Jackson or something? Are people meant to take doves to set free if the verdict goes his way?

It's one thing for people to turn up to show their support, but actively seeking people to stand around outside with placards pledging "MORRISSEY ISN'T RACIST YOU'RE JUST APPLYING A SUPERFICIAL READING TO BENAGLI IN PLATFORMS AND THE NATIONAL FRONT DISCO" is a bit tacky, isn't it?

Especially since it doesn't seem like Morrissey will have much time to acknowledge the crowds:
These newly finalized dates clash with Morrissey concerts throughout Europe, and although no concerts will be cancelled, Morrissey will be required to fly in and fly out of London to attend each hearing on each day.
It's the week before the Olympics, I can't forsee any possible difficulty in whisking in and out of airports on a tight schedule.

If True To You is right, the NME's case is going to be interesting, as apparently they've offered to say sorry:
The NME recently offered to apologize to Morrissey by offering space on, but not within the printed magazine. This offer was rejected as disproportionate to the damage done to Morrissey by the NME magazine itself.
I think the apology would probably have been seen by more people if it was on, given the way sales are going, but it's a strange gambit - you're prepared to defend your statements in the High Court, but happy to apologise for them online. We'll find out their plan come July.

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