Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rajars: Evans widens his gap over Moyles

Latest radio audience figures are out this morning, with the headline that Chris Evans now has a lead of two million plus over Chris Moyles at breakfast time.

Evans' value to Radio 2 is shown by his follow-on presenters also enjoying record audiences - both Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine are getting more listeners than ever before.

It's arguable that Radio 1 might not be chasing the biggest breakfast show, and, as part of the remit that might be desirable. But, unarguably, the Moyles programme isn't designed to not strive to be the biggest. It's ten years since Chris Moyles claimed he could kick anyone's arse at breakfast; that's clearly no longer true. Hopefully the BBC are coming up with a way for him to make a dignified exit.

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