Monday, May 07, 2012

Sainsburys hopes Nectar will prove sweeter than Apple

It makes sense, right? Sainsburys sells apples, so it can be like Apple. Or, at least, it's going to offer downloads through its website.

But wait, it's not just another download site in an already overcrowded market:

To differentiate the service from Apple iTunes and other music download stores, Sainsbury's said that each download...
... will earn customers Nectar Card loyalty points.
Except that isn't actually true, as individual tracks cost 89p, and - if you spend a very long time searching through the site, eventually you'll find this:
Nectar points are awarded at 2 points per full £1 spent on the site. Therefore, if your item costs £4.99, you will be awarded 8 nectar points.
It doesn't make explicit, but, equally therefore, if you buy twenty single tracks in twenty transactions, you'll earn, erm, no Nectar points whatsoever.

Still, you might get a little shiver of delight buying the Gonad's Tesco Lorry from Sainsburys.

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