Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sony Radio Awards: Cotton on

Really, Radio Academy? With all the hours of radio programming, most of which is dedicated to music, you've decided that the gold standard of music broadcasting is Fearne Cotton? That is the pitch to which all other music broadcasters should be aiming?

In other prizes, Danny Baker won a broadcaster prize, which feels right and proper - although he's so far ahead of his peers, you do wonder if they should do a second gold betting without him. And a good night for Liverpool, with City FM and Juice FM picking up station of the year in their respective categories.

Those winners in full, then:

Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus) - KISS Breakfast with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie

Breakfast Show of the Year (under 10 million) - Real Radio Breakfast with Gary and Lisa

Best Music Programme - Fearne Cotton (Radio 1)

Best Specialist Music Programme - Dave Rodigan (Radio 2)

Best Entertainment Programme - Betty & Beryl (Radio Humberside)

Best Speech Programme - Stephen Nolan (Radio 5 Live)

Best Sports Programme - Keys and Gray (TalkSport)

Best News & Current Affairs Programme - 5 Live Drive

Best Breaking News Coverage - PM (Radio 4)

Best Live Event Coverage - Royal Wedding (World Service)

Best Community Programming - Face To Face (National Prison Radio)

Best Internet Programme - Science Weekly: Sounds of the Space Shuttle - An Acoustic Tribute (The Guardian)

Music Radio Personality of the Year - Chris Evans (Radio 2)

Music Broadcaster of the Year - Jools Holland (Radio 2)

Speech Radio Personality of the Year - Danny Baker (Radio 5 Live)

Speech Broadcaster of the Year - Victoria Derbyshire (Radio 5 Live)

News Journalist of the Year - Mike Thompson (Radio 4)

Best Interview - Eddie Mair interviews Julie Nicholson (Radio 4)

Station Programmer of the Year - Andy Roberts (Kiss)

Best Use of Branded Content - Danny Wallace's Naked Breakfast (XFM)

Best Single Promo/Commercial - Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show - The Complaints (Absolute)

Best Promotional/Advertising Campaign - Wimbledon (Radio 2, Radio 5 Live & BBC Local Radio)

Best Competition - Two strangers and a wedding (106 JACKfm Oxfordshire and glide FM 107.9 Oxfordshire)

Best Station Imaging - 1Xtra

Best Music Feature/Special/Documentary - Feeling Good - The Nina Simone Story Part 1 (Radio 2)

Best News Feature/Special/Documentary - Child of Ardoyne (Radio 3)

Best Feature/Special/Documentary - Walking With The Wounded (Smooth)

Best Comedy - Mark Steel's In Town (Radio 4)

Best Drama - On It (Radio 4)

Best Use of Multiplatform/Social Media - Now Playing @ 6Music

Station of the Year (Under 300,000) - KL.FM

Station of the Year (300,000 - 1 million) - 107.6 Juice FM

Station of the Year (1 Million plus) - Radio City 96.7

UK Station of the Year - 6Music

Special Award - Classic FM

Gold Award - Nicholas Parsons
The official list, complete with production team names, can be found on the Radio Academy website.


Anonymous said...

Lavern help us... reminds me of this: http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2012/05/03/fearne-cottons-record-collection-goes-online/

And in other news, a feature in which strangers get married (and then hastily divorce), thus devaluing themselves, the poetic notion of love and all the listeners who enjoy this tosh, is competition of the year?!

Claire - Miso Funky said...

Lauren Laverne has been taking pelters from Huey Morgan on Twitter re her win. He has accused her of not programming her own shows, from what I gather. Worth a looksee at their Twitters to see a bitter spat developing...

Robin Carmody said...

Radio Humberside have a show called 'Betty & Beryl'? They know their target audience ...

(the above wasn't an insult, in case anyone thought it was)

1Xtra's imaging certainly deserves the award.

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