Friday, May 25, 2012

Westwood goes west

Tim Westwood has been asked to move from drivetime on 1Xtra to a Sunday night slot.

I say "asked". He's been told.

He's not entirely happy about it, reckons The Guardian, decoding his tweets:

The 54-year-old informed his 262,000 Twitter followers on Twitter that the station had "sacked" him.

"I've been sacked from 1Xtra Mon-Fri 4-7pm from sept #Westwoodyourfired," he tweeted on Thursday. "It's official I've lost my afternoon voice due to schedule changes I will not be presentin 1Xtra Mon-Fri 4-7pm from Sept".
Is going on Twitter and making a fuss really that different from DLT's "changes I disagree with" flounce?

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