Friday, June 01, 2012

Deus: There's a new album. Today.

This is how the music industry should be working, all the time. Deus had some songs, which they thought would make a nice album. So they've released an album. Tom explains:

"We had songs we didn’t want to lose, didn’t want to have sat on a shelf for four years so we decided to break our previous way of working and be less precious and finish the songs quickly and then release them to the public. It’s 2012 for fuck’s sake, the idea of waiting months to release stuff seems so old fashioned."
It's streaming at Drowned In Sound - here; and for sale on the Deus site.

What a great start to the Bank Holiday weekend, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Tied to iTunes, though :(
That is NOT how the music industry should be working - there's plenty of other alternatives that aren't tied into Apple.

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