Friday, June 15, 2012

DLT to disappoint ASSK

Aung San Suu Kyi is going to be in London next week, and at a Foreign Office Reception she's going to meet Dave Lee Travis:

Bearded Dave, 67 — who gave himself his Cornflake nickname while presenting Radio 1’s Breakfast Show — said: “I am absolutely thrilled.

“I’m just knocked out to have the chance to meet her.”
DLT, of course, has been basking in the glow of having been picked out as the World Service presenter who kept Suu Kyi entertained during her house arrest years.

The trouble is, it was fairly obvious that she was really talking about Bob Holness' programme, not DLT.

Which means that poor Aung San is in for two disappointments in quick measure next week. Hasn't she suffered enough?

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Simon said...

'Bearded Dave' is a superb piece of tabloidese.

Superb spin by the BBC, this, isn't it? Take an interview the crux of which is someone who relied utterly on the World Service for all contact with the outside world bemoaning how everything fun and community spirited about the station has been bludgeonly removed and turn it entirely into 'wack wack oops lol'.

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