Monday, June 04, 2012

Fascist party sues Madonna over being linked to fascists

The Front National in France is claiming it intends to sue Madonna after a backdrop video for her new tour superimposes a swastika on Marine Le Pen's forehead:

Contacted by the 20 Minutes freesheet, the FN said that Le Pen had not had time to watch the video on Friday because she was writing a speech for a rally in Paris that evening.

But a party official called it “incredible” and said that the party’s lawyer, Wallerand de Saint-Just, had been asked to look into what legal action could be taken over it.

“We’ll make money with the case we’re going to bring,” an anonymous source told 20 Minutes.

Le Pen said on Sunday that the party would be watching very closely to see if Madonna uses the video when she performs in Paris on the 14 July national holiday and in Nice on 21 August, without saying whether she will be taking legal action.
In other news, the ghost of Adolf Hitler, whose face appears seconds after Le Pen's, said that he is considering legal action at being associated with her.

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