Saturday, June 23, 2012

Glastonbury 2012: What is Michael Eavis up to?

Without a festival to organise, and no cars to drag from a sodden parking field, Michael Eavis had enough time on his hands to guest edit the Western Daily Press.

Given how Eavis always trots out an upbeat tale of success, no matter what went wrong, I was half-expecting him to announce that there's a brilliant festival going on in Pilton, in blazing sunshine.

He doesn't actually do that.

Instead, he paints a lovely image of festival values:

The Festival cares and the people who come here do, too; I once saw someone who didn’t quite have enough money to buy bread at a stall at the Festival. The fella next to him broke his bread in two and gave the other chap half and walked off.

It was brilliant. It was so impressive – he hadn’t done it to be applauded, he had just done it. It would be wonderful if actions like that could be replicated more often.
It's true, you do meet a lot of lovely people at the festival. But there is a lingering sense of how the idea of a place where people share their bread with the poor squares with a £200 entry fee.

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