Friday, June 29, 2012

Stone Roses want to snaffle photographers' rights

Given the bazillions of pounds being poured over The Stone Roses on the occasion of their reunion, how disappointing they've attempted to chisel a bit more by making photographers sign rotten contracts:

Photographers are planning to boycott the Stone Roses reunion concerts in Manchester this weekend in a dispute over the use of their images.

They claim a contract issued by the band is unfair as it expects them to surrender all rights to their pictures.

The National Union of Journalists is supporting the boycott.
The band's PR man, Murray Chalmers, is quick to deny there's anything wrong with demanding photographers hand over their rights:
The Stone Roses press agent, Murray Chalmers, said it is normal for contracts to be signed and, as far as they are concerned, "there is no boycott".

"We have a complete list, a full quota of photographers who are covering the concerts," he added.
Ah yes, if someone has signed a contract then it must, by its very nature, be fair. Although if you took that line, The Stone Roses would still be releasing records on Silvertone for tuppence.

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PeterD said...

I used to really like the stone roses, they were a great band for one album. I recall them playing shrewsbury and there was quite a buzz around that. The thing is, people at the time, and this applies to Pixies reunion as well, but the people I know who seemingly have gone to the manchester dates wrote it off at the time as that indie shit. Something changed.

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