Friday, June 15, 2012

Tesco buys We7

Given that Tesco is having trouble with its core business right now, and critics are accusing it of neglecting being a shop while heading off on empire building sideplans, what to make of the purchase of we7?

The most notable thing is the price - £10.8million really is priced to move; perhaps that's why Tesco have waded into a business they don't have any experience of. Maybe it was such a good price - and perhaps placed near a checkout, making it too hard to resist.

For a company once part of the squad of potential iTunes killers to go for such a relatively small price is a hint that iTunes remains unkilled.

We7 are excited at the idea of working with their snow overlords; they hope that Tesco can bring the skill it no longer has for reaching consumers to their business, too.

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