Saturday, July 07, 2012

Clap Your Hands, Say Goodbye

The departure of Tyler Sargent and Robbie Guertin from Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah has led to a mathematically accurate but slightly strange headline:

Two fifths of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah leave the band
Come on, NME - this isn't the time for fractions. It's clearly time for pie charts:
So, why are they off? Guertin:
"Being a member of Clap has been an incredible experience, but I have decided to move on and see what's next. I will continue to make music with my other band, Radical Dads, pursue miscellaneous artistic endeavors, and also grow some vegetables. I am excited to see what else might come my way. Maybe some tomatoes?"
The phrase "A member of Clap" is surely enough in its own right to justify quitting.

Sargent's departure he explains like this:
"I am very proud of what this band has accomplished over the past eight years, and I will miss playing with such talented musicians. I wish Alec, Sean and Lee the best of luck with whatever CYHSY does in the future.

I wish Robbie the best of luck with his musical and horticultural endeavors. As for me, I am currently in the process of forming a presidential exploratory committee for 2016."
Given the number of instruments Guertin played, CYHSY will be shortly advertising for about seventy-six replacement members.

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