Saturday, July 07, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Dappy is the Lord Longford of our age

Tucked into the showbiz section today is news of Dappy issuing calls for justice:

The Sun revealed that a message in his new video out on YouTube declared: “Free Leo Chindamo".
Learco Chindamo was the killer of Phillip Lawrence, the head stabbed to death outside his school back in 1995. He had been released on parole; arrested for an alleged mugging, he was acquitted of the crime but still returned to prison for violating the terms of his release.

There's a nuanced debate as to if it's entirely fair for someone to effectively be sent to prison for a crime of which he wasn't convicted, or if it's fair that having promised to avoid trouble, and having failed, Chindamo was correctly taken back inside for his original murder.

It also calls for a steady hand to be able to object to the parole recall without being seen to be somehow downplaying the horror of Lawrence's murder, especially given how the death was a tabloid cause célèbre.

Nuance and a steady hand. Dappy's not really the man for the job, is he?
[T]he N-Dubz nincompoop, 25, claimed he never even realised what the convict’s crime was. He said sorry via Twitter to the family of the teacher, 48, who was killed in 1995 breaking up a fight at his West London school.
In fact, Dappy's understanding of the case seems to go no further than having known Learco's brother some years ago. (It seems as if one of his old neighbours asked him, Dappy would quite happily have stuck a message 'Fridge Freezer for sale £15 - some damage to door, working order - must collect' on screen, to be honest.)

Still, having had someone explain to him what he'd done, Dappy took to Twitter to try and stop the shitstorm he'd stirred up. That won't go wrong, will it?:
[E]ven his apology was hamfisted — misspelling their name. His message said: “My heart goes out to Mr Laurence’s family and I know the pain of losing a loved one, sincerely Daps.”
Someone so well-meaning, but so inept. Shouldn't he be in the cabinet?