Friday, July 13, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Newton Faulkner throws the awe away

Newton Faulkner has turned up at The Sun to do one of their sessions, and tells one of those anecdotes that is meant to be about one thing, but is really about something else entirely:

Faced with Scottish twins Craig and Charlie Reid, the notoriously chatty singer clammed up completely, as he revealed at his recent Biz Session.

He said: “I was playing at the V Festival four years ago.

“It was a weird audience – like the whole cast of Hollyoaks, Paul Rudd and Matt Lucas. There was no one there I didn’t know.

“I turned to go off and the Proclaimers – the two main guys – were standing there and saying they really enjoyed it. I couldn’t talk. I was mesmerised."
"The Two Main Guys" out the Proclaimers, eh?

This is supposed to be a little story about how humble Newt met the blokes who did Letter From America and was overcome with awe.

But it isn't, is it? It's an anecdote about how many famous people came to see him play V (the cast of Hollyoaks counting as 'famous' here), and even the Proclaimers bit is self-regarding, with its subtext of 'famous as I am, I was struck dumb by these surprisingly less-famous artists' and the little rush to reassure us that how they "really enjoyed" it.

We can only hope that all the familiar faces like the Cast Of Hollyoaks and Paul Rudd saw him humbly accepting the praise of the two main guys from The Proclaimers.


frankosonic said...

As no one else has, I'd like to give the title of this item a round of applause. Very good!

PeterDee said...

I came to say the exact same thing, best title this year.

Robin Carmody said...

Faulkner is one of those people who is only really popular, or famous, in the Murdochian hivemind, because he's what they want pop music to be, as opposed to what it actually is. Five years on, he still hasn't had another Top 40 single. Nobody gives a fuck about him. Without the Sun he wouldn't even still exist.

At least the Proclaimers have *some* kind of genuine public support from some people, however Daily Mail Socialist it (like most SNP-ism) is.

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