Saturday, July 07, 2012

One Direction: It's like Perez Hilton has a time machine or something

Perez Hilton has gone right out on a limb and suggested that shoddy boy band One Direction might not last:

"I would not be surprised if One Direction break up in the next couple of years," Hilton said.

"I think ultimately one of them will quit or get fired, they'll continue on as a foursome and then not too long after - maybe a year or two - they'll break up."
A vague suggestion that a made-up band might split at some point before 2017? If you tried to make a wager on that basis at Ladbrokes, the staff would literally be unable to see you waving your betting slip. You'd be actually invisible to them.

Mind you, who'd have thought Perez Hilton would still be around, sort-of, in 2012?

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