Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plan B chest mystery

An interesting piece over on The Quietus, pointing out the surprising tshirt Plan B is currently wearing on the front of Shortlist this week:

Yes, that's a Skrewdriver tshirt.

Yes, the skinhead Nazi Skrewdriver.

It's unclear why Plan B is wearing something like that - I don't think it's likely that he's a secret Nazi using a tshirt to send a hidden message to a sleeping bunch of racists.

It's possible he just thought it was cool, and pulled it on without thinking. Which is fantastically disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm very aware of what Skrewdriver meant, and I wouldn't have realised that was one of their shirts. Until The Quietus and then you pointed it out, of course. But even if he wasn't just handed it by a Ramones-weary stylist and is somehow a fan, who cares? You can like a band without necessarily liking their politics - not everyone who goes to see a Wagner recital is an anti-semite. Less likely with Skrewdriver, granted, but the flames of McCarthyism that surround these accusations of racism are only fanned by sensationalist posts and articles like this and that of The Quietus. I'm no fan of Plan B, but give the guy a break.

Houman said...

With all due respect to the above post, turning a blind eye to this type of thing is always a mistake. We've fought so long and hard against everything that Skrewdriver and their ilk represent that to just shrug and leave it be when a young man who is admired by so many wears a shirt like this would be doing those who have stood up against fascists and thugs over the past decades. This is especially true now that such repugnant sentiments have a foothold in Europe again.

Complacency is always a mistake.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's possible to find Gary Barlow's tax avoidance repugnant but still likeg Take That's cover of How Deep Is Your Love; I'm not so sure you could listening to Skrewdriver's music with the same detachment - "oh, I do find myself whistling White Power, it's got a catchy beat if you ignore the knuckle-headed racist lyrics"?

Interestingly, as Plan B says, he did think people would notice the tshirt, because he wanted to make a point - he just screwed up by not really knowing what he was doing and choosing an image without understanding what it meant.

And, frankly, lots of fans do look closely at their favourite act's photos, working out what t-shirt they're wearing, and investigating the bands endorsed or the meaning shown. That's a thing fans do.

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