Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Billy Corgan has apparently been having a spat with OK Go

Apparently Billy Corgan has moved to stop the idea that he was caught in some sort of deadly feud with OK Go:

Corgan wants to put an end to the spat before it escalates and has taken to his page to insist he is a big fan of the band's work.
He writes, "I don't mind OK Go having a go at me if it gets their music heard. It will never be a fight because I think they are a great band."
No, I wasn't aware that this Godzuki-meets-Kid-Kong scrap was raging. Luckily, Contact Music is on hand to explain what it was all about:
Billy Corgan has moved to end a feud with members of Ok Go after accusing the band of using "gimmicks" to sell records.
It's right that Corgan backs down here, then. If there's one thing you cannot accuse OK Go of ever having done, it is selling records.


James said...

"and has taken to his page"

Did that remind anyone else of the early days of the internet, when TV and radio shows would awkwardly read out their exact web and email addresses? "And if you like the sound of that, you get the recipe on our new online internet website webpage, which I've got the address for here. Right, you need to turn on your modem, open up an internet browser, that's the thing that says 'Netscape', and then in the bar at the top you type aitch-tee-tee-pee... and then a colon, that's the one with two dots, not a dot and a comma, then it's two of those lines that go from botton-left to top-right, it's the thing under the question-mark on most keyboards..."

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