Monday, September 03, 2012

24 Hours from David: 15. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Hello, if you're just joining us - as a tribute to Hal David, we're posting a song every hour for 24 hours. There'll be a full listing of all 24 songs at the end of it, but obviously this is a pre-recorded entry so the overnight tracks won't listed in full until we get up in the morning. Pop back every hour, though, if you're around as we've still got some great stuff lined up. Honestly.

Anyway, as we move through the night, we've avoided the number two cover version of I'll Never Fall In Love Again by Deacon Blue - that's "number two" as in where it reached in the charts, and not as... oh, hang on. Instead, we've chosen this sublime reading by Emmylou Harris - one that appears to be out of print at the moment.

[Part of 24 Hours from David]