Monday, September 03, 2012

24 Hours from David: 24. Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa

I think the title of this feature has made it clear where we'd be going to end up, but first...

We've brought you many songs that Dionne Warwick had recorded - often before anyone else - and so it seems fitting to actually post one of her versions of a Hal David song as we wind towards the end of this tribute to Hal David's life and work.

But you know what? Hal David's words didn't just work in English. Here's Warwick's German version of Walk On By, Geh Vorbei, recorded for a simultaneous release:

But, let's end with the obvious one: Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa, performed by Gene Pitney on a coach. Some excellent cameraman-in-luggae-rack angles are ahead:

So that concludes a twenty-four, twenty-four song, twenty-four artist tribute to the astonishing lyrical work of Hal David. I don't think there's many lyricists who would be covered by such an array of acts, with none of them fumbling an attempt at postmodernist irony or arched-eyebrow distance. There's a lot of lyricists, truth be told, you'd struggle to assemble twenty-four songs worth hearing from.

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