Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Flag: On a mission

Keith Morris out of Black Flag has a mission which keeps him going, 34 years into his career:

I'm trying to be as healthy as possible, trying to keep active, just be doing something. And there's a rash of bands that are out there. There's some really great ones, but the majority pretty much suck and need to be bulldozed off a cliff. They need to be scolded, slapped, told the way it is. I use that as fuel, part of my energy. It makes me angry, along with a lot of the political things that are going on, and watching people scamper along like cockroaches.
You can admire his commitment but still wonder: have any of the bands he's railing at ever realised he wants them to be told the way it is? I'm picturing him stood outside the stage door yelling "you don't have enough politics in your... oh, they've got in the coach" as One Direction depart.


Mark Barnes said...

Black Flag split up many many years ago, and Keith Morris left long before that in 1979. Since then he's spent most of his time in the Circle Jerks, but I don't think they've been doing anything much for a couple of years either.

simon hayes budgen said...

You're right - I read that again and realised it sounded like he was still with Black Flag, so i;ve reworded to make it clearer.

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