Monday, September 10, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Jerk

This, apparently, is a thing:

LUDACRIS has a taste for London restaurant Jerk City since he’s been over in the UK working on The Fast And The Furious 6.

Rather than head for posh grub in the capital the rapper has been regularly visiting the Caribbean eaterie in Soho – and has been trying to persuade his movie castmates to go with him.

It definitely beats a Big Mac.
Apart from the warning about a sixth movie in the Fast And The Furious franchise, why does this warrant a mention? It's not even like Smart has a picture of Ludacris wiping his fingers on a napkin. And what does "regularly" mean? Does he go every day? Has he been twice?

Also: "eaterie"? Is the ghost of PG Wodehouse sub-editing The Sun at the moment? (Probably not, as Plum would have spelled it correctly - one eatery, many eateries.)

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