Monday, September 03, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Miley off the mark

According to the Sun this morning, Miley Cyrus has gone punk:

Multiple piercings? I know what you're thinking. But it's not quite what the teaser makes it sound like:
Miley, 19, was seen in Hollywood with dyed, partly-shaved hair and multiple ear studs.

Ear studs. More than one earring is now "multiple piercings".

How low is the bar being set to be a punk these days - a couple of ear studs and dyed hair? That's it? I'm not saying that she has to wait until her first self-released CD-R gets a lukewarm review in Maximum Rock & Roll, but that look says more 'edgy as viewed from Next Top Model' than 'punk'.

You might be wondering didn't The Sun already run pictures of this 'new' look? Er, yes: back on the 13th of August, which means today's story isn't even 'young woman gets new haircut'; it's 'young woman still has haircut we told you about over a fortnight ago'.

But what does all this mean?
It’s far removed from her old wholesome image — in fact it’s Miles away.
Miley Cyrus shedding her wholesome image is now one of the earliest signs of autumn, of course. You might remember back in May 2010 a newspaper - let's call it The Sun - announcing that Miley had shed her wholesome image:
MILEY Cyrus showed she’s no longer a squeaky clean teen – by writhing around in a cage in a risqué leotard.
How many times does one get to shed a wholesome image?

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