Friday, September 07, 2012

Lady GaGa's meat display

They're putting Lady GaGa's meat dress in a museum. Why?:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is opening a national tour for an exhibit about pioneering women in rock 'n' roll, tracing the evolution of women artists and their impact on music. It opens Friday at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
Now, I'm sure it's an interesting exhibition, but... GaGa? Pioneering? As we've seen before on No Rock, she wasn't even the first pop star to use meat as a dress.

The exhibition sounds largely well-chosen:
More than 250 artifacts represent 70 women who were "engines of change and creativity," she said, each helping to redefine who could make rock 'n' roll. It features items from Cher, the B-52s, Donna Summer, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna's provocative outfit from her "Blonde Ambition" tour. Other items date back to jazz singer Billie Holiday, first blues recording artists Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey and country music trailblazer Mother Maybelle Carter.
I think you'd struggle to argue that GaGa is pushing back any boundaries, although you'd not be able to deny she's taken full advantage of victories won before she started to sell records.

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