Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wendy James: Back, back, back

I know that we shouldn't be surprised at anyone who has ever released a record, ever, returning by now. But who ever foresaw a Wendy James comeback, much less one partnered by a Stooge (James Williamson) and a Bad Seed (Jim Sclavunos)?

Can you even imagine what it's going to sound like?

Actually, you don't have to imagine, as both tracks of the single are available to share through Soundcloud.

Here's one song, then, You're So Great:

That's a cover of Sonic's Rendezvous Band, although it carries a none-more-Wendy-James title.

This is the other side of the double-a sided single, It's Alright, Ma:

Yes, that's a Dylan cover in there.

You know, back during the pomp of Transvision Vamp I'd probably not have put money on being so pleased to see Wendy James turn up with a couple of covers in 2012.

[This important alert made possible thanks to a tweet from @frankosonic]


Anonymous said...

Wendy is trying to use her "fans" to get some coverage as the industry is just not interested.

No actual tour since 2008 and 3 flops albums in a row tends to do that...

Reputation wise.

(Any coverage..nobody is biting..this "comeback" is prue desperation after a series of high profile flops..Wendy did a disasterous gig at Rough Trade store in the East End last year...the videos and their accompaning comments are on You Tube..not pretty at all..)

She even tried JOHN ROBB at LOUDERTHANWAR but I had a chat with about the truth..

They seem to have gone right off any future "exclusives" from The Jamester.


Wanna see more..?

Click the BIG RED BUTTON and take the "objectionable" (truthful) ride.

and here are some videos you will NEVER have seen before.

Just wait a few minute until her "fans" come rushing over the hill like angry Orks..

Truth Hurts Them Like Sunlight Hurts A Vampire.

A Transvision Vampire.


Frankosonic said...

Allow me to clarify Mr Baby. As the poster of the original "tweet" which alerted this blogger to the Wendy James tracks, I am by no means a "fan". It was actually part of a running joke between myself and friend whereby I find an artist he loves (in this case The Stooges) and a collaboration with or, more usually, a cover version by an artist of considerably less stature or acclaim. I then pretend to really like it, regardless of whether it is any good or not. Laughs ensue, believe me.

In this instance I found the Wendy James/Williamson tracks by chance via an email press release from the PR company she is paying to promote this collaboration. Ironically it was rescued from my spam email folder. I can let you have the name of the PR company if you want to have a valid target for your obsessional behaviour?

gazthatch said...

HiBaby, I'm Gaz, the historic recipient of Frankosonic's cover version based joke, a thing that went from something designed to deliberately annoy me to a thing that genuinely makes me chuckle nowadays. Way back - I actually went to see Transvision Vamp play live in Leeds. I went with my schoolfriend, it was the first gig he'd ever been to. I'd only ever really liked I Want Your Love and their cover of Tell That Girl To Shut Up, but he was my friend and wanted to go to a gig and I was an adolescent. For Wendy James' part, she was pretty easy on the eye.

It is the full extent of what you could loosely call my 'relationship' with our Wendy. You've taken it all a little bit further than that, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

Just GOOGLE 'Drybaby a sad touch typist troll'
Follow the Amazon links and read the reviews to Wendy's album 'I came here to blow minds'.
Then for a real belly laugh read the multiple public comments about Drybaby.
Hilarious and sad!
Find out why Wendy had to sack him!


Anonymous said...

I tried all of the links provided on this topic. I have to say that the only laugh I got was the Amazon link and the comments from people 'who seem to be in the know' about this Dryperson.
Sacked by Wendy and apparently diagnosed by a Dr Stout as a Sociopath. Seems about right.
Some of the anecdotes about this Dryperson life are very humorous.
I recommend the Amazon links to anyone interested in Wendy's new album and for a real snigger at this very lacking Dryperson character.


Anonymous said...

Gooday Mr Dickbaby, Thanks to the laugh provided by the good folk over at Amazon I will have a grin on my face allday.
In particular I enjoyed the account of your encounters with those pigs!
You really are a worthy recipient of the jibes directed your way.

Anonymous said...

After Amazon I went to visit that Drybabyshow site and have to say it really does describe the mindset of it's author: living in the past, bitter, narrow minded, Very self centred, it clues but really not too bright, extremely parochial. The sort of personwho has never had the benefit of foreign travel or meeting multicultural people.
Left me feeling drained and stone cold. I will never vistthat site again!

Anonymous said...

Irish eh?
Archetypal . . . . . Thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

This is all very intriguing Drybaby.
I can only assume from all of the comments that your popularity is based on your spectacularly loathsome personality and self destructive motivation.
Here's wishing you all speed with that!

Derek Arnold

Anonymous said...

You Twat!

Anonymous said...

Troubled Woman Attacking Terrorist!
Oh yes a TWAT indeed!
That is Drybaby.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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