Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HMV decide their collapse is down to women in trousers

HMV's dog logo Nipper dates back to a 1898 painting. Which, given HMV's latest little bombshell, means their logo is more modern than the company's social attitudes.

They're forcing their female members of staff to wear skirts. The NME reports:

[T]he chain has reportedly issued a new "appearance policy" which dictates that staff must be neat and clean – and wear new trainers. Men must wear blue denim jeans and women must wear denim skirts.
(Blue jeans and denim skirts? Are they running a music store or putting on a high school version of West Side Story?)

Skirts? They're telling their female staff they have to wear skirts. In 2012. In a downward-spiralling record shop.

For good measure, HMV have also told staff about an exciting new 'no tattoo' policy:
They say “discreet” tattoos or piercings are allowed but “extreme body art” must be removed or covered up. The bosses expect “high standards of personal grooming”.
This is a record shop. Issuing edicts like it's a nineteenth century department store haberdashery section.

It's unclear whether this tattoo would pass the new strict standards at HMV:
[That patch of skin belongs to Mikeroughage]

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Chris Brown said...

FFS is that even legal?

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