Monday, October 29, 2012

Wiley: The value of a university education

When you're paying massive fees for your courses, you move from being a student to being a consumer. And that makes you demand more, as Wiley found out:

He tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I don't like students' attitudes. They only really like indie (rock) bands, and why would I want to perform for people who are going: 'Shut up Wiley, you're s**t?' I did a gig at Surrey Uni recently that I hated.

"I didn't need that £12,000, so I cancelled the whole uni tour and now I won't play a university ever again."
Rather a lazy cliche that students are only interested in indie rock bands. They like all sorts of music, Wiley. You weren't fighting a genre block, you were struggling with a quality threshold.