Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gordon in the morning: This just in - Harry Styles 'a bit of a knob'

Will Sweeny, who claims to be a "childhood pal" of Harry Styles, has been telling Gordon Smart about how they would pass the time:

Will said: “We’d act like complete idiots in public. Harry would go into Tesco, pretend he had Tourette’s and walk around screaming and shouting.
Oh, how hilarious.
“We’d throw things at each other, we’d just create chaos and a bit of a mess. We were told off by security and customers.

“We played this game where you pick something up and launch it over your head without knowing where the other person is — and they’ve got to try to catch it.
The hours must simply have flown by. Except for the people on pisspoor wages who had to clear up after you, you entitled twonk.
“Harry loved it. He was always up for fun, wacky things, having a laugh, and he never cared what people thought.”
What could possibly be more "wacky" than throwing things on the floor, eh? Let's hope swathes of Tesco staff don't turn up at One Direction events and be all "up for fun" there.

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