Thursday, November 01, 2012

Radio London cuts off Prodnose to spite its face

It's something of a semi-regular occurrence in British broadcasting: a Danny Baker show exploding in flames as yet another management team decide they can do without him.

The BBC seems convinced that Baker is going to carry on doing his 94.9 London show until Christmas; the programme that went out today didn't suggest that would be the case.

As ever, MediaGuardian misses the point:

In a diatribe reminiscent of Dave Lee Travis's live resignation from Radio 1 in 1993, Baker told listeners: "The show's been cancelled by the BBC. They don't want this any more.

"It's a dirty rotten shame and a rotten way they did it. Nobody phoned me. Apparently they were planning on getting round to telling me. I don't want to go, I make no bones about it."
In what way was Baker's show like DLT's "changes are being made" bit? That's a bit like comparing a magnificent march towards the fire with a petulant toddler, isn't it?

You hesitate to quote a Stephen Fry twit, but on this one he's right. The BBC are dickwits.