Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: July

Part of my formative years, Rounder Records in Brighton announced it was closing.

In our only pie chart of the year, we illustrated the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah split. In their attempt to cope with the deluge of music news, Drowned In Sound decided to stop trying.

Destiny's Child are going to reform. Maybe. One day. But Codeine are definitely back.

Jaz Coleman vanished rather than take part in a gig with The Mission. Al Jourgensen made it to the stage, but not through his set.

Because their old label was being a dick about things, Def Leppard covered their own music. Elsewhere, Meat Load is still pursuing a bloke who used to be a Meat Loaf lookalike.

The Bloc festival dissolved in chaos, Springsteen's Hyde Park gig was cut not-exactly-short and floods did for the Stock Aitken And Waterman show. A Slipknot gig ended when Corey Taylor had a little nap during the set.

Global Radio decided to extend their radio brands into the dying world of music video television. Headphone manufacturer Beats bought MOG for some reason. Perhaps they thought they were buying Meg And Mog?

Kate Moss turns out to not really have written the Babyshambles song she wrote. Plan B did a photoshoot wearing a Skrewdriver tshirt, but it was okay because skinheads and hoodies are the same, you see?

I'm going to assume that the Stacey Solomon 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' style sitcom Gordon Smart announced is still in development. Likewise the idea for using Chris Moyles which Radio One supposedly had.

Chumbawamba won't be getting up again.

[Part of the 2012 inch remix]

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