Monday, December 24, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: May

Eurovision! Go Hump! Oh... Hump.

Beyonce was recognised for her, erm, journalism while Tulisa called winning FHM's sexiest woman "self-indulgent".

Courtney Love lost Kurt Cobain's face.

Ola Ray finally got properly paid for screaming in the Thriller video. She could spend some of the money buying Michael Jackson's hair.

The RIAA are sloppy with their takedown notices and BPI attempts to close down The Pirate Bay boosted visitor numbers by millions. EMI were more successful pushing mp3tunes into bankruptcy.

ViaGoGo put their taxes in the hands of the Swiss authorities.

The BBC suggested what it might have to cut to make ends meet; the Mail raged that some of the cash they did have was spent playing Gary Glitter tracks.

Mark Ronson told Village Voice Amy Winehouse was "freaked out" by Adele's success. Only he didn't, actually. An earlier claim of misquotation, NME versus Morrissey, appeared to be heading for the High Court.

The company who served papers on the Beastie Boys the day before Adam Yauch died at least had the good grace to look a bit ashamed.

Sainsburys started selling downloads, hoping that nectar points would be an iTunes killer. (Spoiler: They're not.) Don't worry, though, Samsung are going to have a go at killing iTunes, too.

The end of Handsome Furs was announced.

And The Stone Roses came back. Oh.

[Part of the 2012 inch remix]

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