Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1993 all over again: 19 - Senser

19. Senser - Eject

"I see the system as it crumbles before me. I see the system as it dies" - luckily not before Senser took their "Stereo MCs with a New Statesman subscription" schtick to A&M.

They're still going.

[Part of 1993 All Over Again]


Robin Carmody said...

The link here is to Bjork again. Slightly worried that Noel Gallagher and/or Tony Blair have been interfering ... (even though Senser weren't any good, I always tend to stand up for their ilk in historical context)

simon hayes budgen said...

Sorry - have fixed the link (too many windows open at once rather than the intercession of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation...)

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