Wednesday, January 02, 2013

1993 all over again: 3 - Leftfield/Lydon

3. Leftfield/Lydon - Open Up

The stand out track from the album Now Thats What I Call Music 26, and part of the reason why Lydon can just about get away with playing the pantomime dame.

Leftfield's manager, Lisa Horan, reveals that the track was passed over by a major label:

John was on East West at the time, which meant they had to have first choice on the single. Luckily for us, they turned it down. I've still got a letter from the A&R man which says, "Thanks for coming to us with this project', but...". We were after a £25,000 advance and he didn't think it was worth it. So we ended up being able to put it out on Hard Hands."
The 'burn Hollywood burn' hook was unfortunately timed, as the record coincided with fires in Los Angeles. Paul King - by now well into his second career as MTV presenter - seemed convinced that the band had deliberately written the song to mock those who lost property in the inferno. Paul King always was an idiot.

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